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3 signs your dog needs more exercise

All dogs need exercise, even the lazy ones. Youngsters need them, adults need them, and purebreds and mixed breeds all need them. Exercise is one of those things that are important to every dog. It benefits both his physical and mental health. It’s just that people live inside our homes, dogs have to get out and stretch their legs, smell new scents and explore the world. It enriches their lives as well as ours. While many owners think they are giving their dogs enough exercise, often they don’t. If you are wondering whether or not your dog could use more activity, consider whether or not he displays these traits.


#1 – Obesity

Obesity is a growing problem with dogs all over the world. While a large part of the problem is feeding owners a lot of food, the flip side is the lack of physical activity many dogs face today. Think about it, human obesity is a problem due to lack of exercise – so it makes sense that many dogs don’t get enough exercise either. They can’t grab leashes and walk! Long walks, more play of fetch, and even a good run are all ways to easily introduce dogs to activities. Explore new places and enjoy the outdoors together. If your dog is overweight, increasing physical activity is a great way to combat obesity and the many diseases that come with it.

#2 – Destructive Behavior

Many dogs who do not get enough exercise become very bored. When left to their own devices, they will become anxious and need a way to release that tension. Many dogs do this by chewing and digging, and we don’t just mean their toys. Most often not, dogs that rip carpets, eat sofas, rip through drywall, chew everything in the house and rummage through the entire yard are dogs that need a bit more mental and physical activity. They have a lot of energy to burn and without their owners getting it out to release that energy, they turn to finding ways to relieve stress themselves. It is unfair to punish a dog for these behaviors without first making sure that they are provided with enough physical exercise.

#3 – Barking and howling

Another annoying behavior of bored dogs is barking and howling. Sometimes you will notice that dogs do not seem to bark at all. Although it is normal to chase squirrels or alert someone at the front door, bored dogs will begin to bark for attention and attention to relieve stress. Like chewing and digging, these behaviors become a way for dogs to entertain themselves or try to tell us they need something to do. Barking can become excessive but if caught early it can improve. Making sure your dog gets enough exercise each day will help determine if boredom is related or undesirable.



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